As the year comes and goes, so do trends in your home. Bathroom trends tend to appear and disappear quickly, so what are we going to see in 2021? Precision Remodeling is proud to provide customers with up-to-date bathroom remodeling and help you decide the right styles to use. Here are some of the trends we will see in the next few months:

Spa Showers

Spa showers are super luxurious additions to any bathroom in your home. Typically, they are found in a master bath. In 2021, having a spa bathroom will be all the rage. Many people spend a lot of their day in their bathroom, especially if they do their hair or makeup there. Spa showers are large and open, and a lot of the time have more than one shower head. These spaces are relaxing and comforting to be in! Maybe even add a heated floor or towel warmer in there to make it even more spa-like.

Fluted Finishes

Contemporary bathrooms will be popular in the upcoming year. Ribbed surfaces always catch the eye! Fluted finishes are coming back, and they give a sense of Art-Deco to any space. Bathrooms are the perfect place for these finishes. Ribbed surfaces on vanities or cabinets can give this sleek look in any bathroom!

Green Colors

Green is coming back in full force! This once vintage and outdated color is making its way back into bathrooms. Even just adding some plants to your bathroom can make a statement with green. Anything from green tiles, flooring, or accents can bring this color to look elegant and tasteful. It all depends on your preference. We will be seeing more green bathrooms in 2021!

Minimalist Bathrooms

Sometimes, less is more! Minimalist bathrooms could be one of the leading trends of 2021. A minimal look is associated with relaxation and peacefulness. After all, you don’t want an overwhelming bathroom, do you? If you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to opt for this look. It will make the room appear larger while still looking fabulous.

Botanical Accents

More and more people are bringing plants into their homes! This being said, the look of botanical styles is coming back. Botanical walls are a great look in bathrooms. It can spice up the style in a fun and unique way. Choose from a variety of colors to make it your own! 

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