Home, Kitchen, and Bathroom Remodeling in Lynn, MA

One of the largest municipalities in the state and the largest city in Essex Country, Lynn is a major area for residential and commercial spaces. Precision Remodeling proudly serves the city of Lynn and its residents. We specialize in home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling. We work closely with all our clients to meet all of their needs and wants with regards to their project. 

Kitchen Remodeling in Lynn, MA

Since the kitchen is a popular space to spend time in, wouldn’t you want it looking exactly the way you dreamed of? At Precision Remodeling, our professional team of kitchen designers, custom cabinets designers, and remodelers can help you create the perfect kitchen for you. With a wide variety of colors and design idea readily available, we are sure you will have plenty of options that peak your interest. Our kitchen company will plan a kitchen around what is functional for you and your specific space.

Bathroom Remodeling in Lynn, MA

Making a small space in your home exactly the way you want it is our goal! Bathrooms have so much potential and our bathroom remodeling team is ready to tackle your space and have it looking brand new. If you want a custom vanity, you got it. Tiled shower? Of course! The opportunities are endless when Precision get to take the lead. We can help design a bathroom around your existing space, or even do a full demo. Whatever you want to do with your bathroom, we can make it happen!

Custom Cabinets in Lynn, MA

Custom cabinets can help your home’s interior stand out! At Precision, our custom cabinets allow you to choose any wood, style, color, and hardware that you want in your kitchen or bath. Having custom cabinets allows you to design around how your daily life functions. Maybe you need a spice cabinets or a cabinets designated to big pots and pans. Having the option to choose size and shapes will make your life easier, and your space more organized!


Zoning-By Laws and Regulations for Lynn, MA

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