The vanity is an important element in any bathroom. Offering storage space, covering for the sink plumbing, and providing space for the mirror, not only is it one of the most functional parts of the bathroom, but also one of the most important stylistic elements in any bathroom as well.

Express Your Unique Style

If you are keen on interior design, then making sure your vanity fits the tone and style of the rest of the bathroom is key. But when it comes to vanities off the shelf, it can sometimes be hard to find one that fits the look you are going for. When you get a vanity custom built, you can avoid this problem entirely by telling the contractors the exact style you are envisioning.

Maximize Your Storage

When you get a vanity custom built, we take into consideration the exact dimensions of your bathroom, and make sure it fits exactly how you like. If you like, the vanity can go edge to edge across the wall, providing you with the most storage space possible and giving it a very clean and professional look. When you get a vanity off the shelf, you lack choice with the variety of sizes available. You also aren’t able to customize how many shelves or drawers you want in your vanity.

Work Around Your Plumbing

Most often, you’ll find that the middle is hollow to allow for any pipes that might be in the way. While this is an important precaution to make sure that they work with nearly any setup out of the box, it can leave you without a purpose for the space under the sink, especially if you don’t want your belongings right up against the pipes. With a custom vanity, we work around your plumbing and can give you more storage space that is neatly sheltered from the plumbing and helps give your entire bathroom a cleaner look.

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