New England winters can be tough, and in order to protect your home from the harsh cold weather, you have to make sure your home is well insulated. You could be losing quite a bit of heat to poor insulation and cold air coming into your home. Fixing this issue will also keep your energy bills from getting too high.

What Can I Do For Better Insulation?

Add Rigid Foam Insulation

It will act as an extra barrier helping to keep out drafts and keep in heat. The foam should measure the same thickness as the other insulation on the walls, so it doesn’t interfere with any electrical outlets or water pipes that may exist behind it. This process of adding rigid foam sheeting is called “air-gapping.” It can save you hundreds of dollars per year on heating and cooling bills by keeping you home warmer during cold winter months and cooler in the summer. The best way to see if this solution works for you is to contact a local contractor who can give you expert advice based off your specific energy audit results, needs, concerns along with taking into account industry innovations regarding materials used around your area.

Install Sealant Around Windows & Doors

Air sealing  can help to keep out drafts and pollutants, so this is also considered insulation. Not only will it keep your energy bills down but it can also reduce outside noise traveling into the home. Standard foam gaskets come in different sizes for doors and windows that are pre-cut or you can cut them yourself using a sharp utility knife. You may need someone’s assistance to install them properly, especially if they’re around electrical outlets.

Get your Walls Inspected for Drafts & Leaks

If you have professionally done foundation waterproofing, this will go a long way in keeping the air from leaking outside of your home. There are also other cracks and crevices that can be inspected for proper sealing. You’ll also want to check your attic for leaks & seal any openings. This is where you will likely find a lot of air leaks, so these should be sealed off completely with spray foam insulation to keep warm air inside during the winter months and cool air inside in the summer time. This can help reduce energy bills by up to 50 percent, so it’s worth exploring this option if you haven’t already.

Replace Older Windows with Energy Efficient Ones

Having a home that has newer windows can help a lot when it comes to insulating your home. This is because the windows have double panes with a pocket of air in between them, which allows for better insulation and heat retention in the summer and less heat being lost during the winter months.

Check Out The Ventilation In Your Home

You might be surprised how much heat escapes from the ventilation system in your home, especially if you have an older model furnace or one that needs repairs. Damaged venting can increase how much heat leaves the home through the vents and dirt buildup on screens will let more cold air in during the winter months.

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