Having a half-bathroom in your home is a great addition, especially if you already have more than one full bathroom. How can you make the most of this tiny space?

Focus on Functionality

A top goal for your powder room or half-bath should be to make sure that whatever changes you do will make it more functional—zero in on determining the room’s purpose, including for family and guests. Your powder room is supposed to have a toilet, sink, and mirror, at least. Installing a vessel sink will give you more counter space, while a dresser vanity presents more room for storage. Also, make use of the area outside the door with items such as a bench, bookshelf, or storage closet. These are small changes that will help you get the most out of the room.

Invest Some Time and Money

There are advantages that come with investing in your home, even though it may cost you more time and money. The kitchen and bathrooms should get the most effort. They’re the most important rooms for bringing up the resale value, and they get the most foot traffic. Your half bath is a room where it’s okay to put in the extra thoughts and planning to make it great. Upgrades and spending money on better materials can be worth it in the end.

Have Some Floor Space

Don’t be shy about clearing up some floor space. A floating vanity and some hooks can make a bathroom unique. This is particularly beneficial if you want to show off some fancy tile floors in a smaller space. You should leave more room for being able to move around the bathroom!

Build Around Bad Designs

If you’ve put off or stopped decorating your half bath because you aren’t thrilled with the shape or design, you should try again. While this can be tough, there’s no excuse for not making the most of this room. For example, neutral paint and textured wall do a great job of bringing your attention away from the ceiling drop.

Apply New Paint

Paint is always a definite way to transform a room instantly. Old, chipped paint is unattractive and distracting. It’s the catalyst for adding more crucial things to your bathroom. This will also give you the chance to set the tone, mood, and add a pop of color if you choose.

Don’t Forget to Add a Wow Factor

Make your bathroom a conversation starter! Just because it’s a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be a nice space in your home. Put as much effort into this room as you would any other. A fancy backsplash, bold lighting fixtures, or bring wallpaper are just a few ways to create a wow factor.

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