Are you looking to invest in new siding for your home? Standard shingles can be a handful to upkeep after the Massachusetts weather gets to them. Homeowners love the classic look of cedar shingles, but they don’t like the continuous maintenance and re-painting that cedar shingles need to sustain that look. Now homeowners can endure that classic look with a beauty that lasts thanks to AZEK Exteriors. New AZEK Shingle Siding is manufactured with intricate moisture and mold-resistant engineered polymers that limit water absorption. These are intensified with PaintPro Technology for superior paint adhesion and lasting appearance.


Wood, fiber cement, and other porous building materials exposed to moisture can undergo changes that cause the paint to crack, chip, peel, and not look its best. Moisture retention behind siding puts homeowners at risk of more harsh water damage. AZEK Shingle Siding allows lasting, low-maintenance performance and the classic shingle look. 

Investing in New Siding

New siding is a vast aesthetic improvement. Though, the benefits of new siding don’t stop there. Siding offers the critical task of guarding your home against the elements, whether it’s a nonstop drizzle, heavy rains, or more severe storm. Siding is also a way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and repair skeletal damage. When you remove your old siding, you can replace or add insulation before installing your new siding. This will help increase the energy efficiency in your home. New siding will typically correspond with a house wrap that adds a crucial layer of insulation and moisture protection. The more energy-efficient your home is, the more money you can save on energy bills.

Replacing The Siding

The replacement of old siding allows the contractors to repair any structural damage produced by leaks or rot from the outside, avoiding the mess and hassle caused by disrupting your home’s interior. An excellent siding job adds real value, protection, and curb appeal to your home, providing you with a significant investment return. Choosing the best siding gives your house a new look and feel that can also save on energy costs. Take a look at your budget and your house’s needs, and then consider the various types of siding available. If you plan on doing some research, you’ll find the ideal siding that provides excellent curb appeal while also preserving your home’s investment. Choose what is best for you and your home!

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