Completely remodeling a bathroom takes planning and work. Coming up with how you want it to look, the materials you want to use, and the layout are all very important aspects of creating the perfect remodel. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you tackle your next bathroom renovation:

Don’t Go in Blind

Have a plan before starting your bathroom remodeling process. Knowing exactly how you want it to come out and having a goal will help you achieve it. Even the smallest details should be planned out beforehand, especially if you want to stay within a specific budget. You can always change things as you go through the process, but have some idea of what you want before you start.

Know Your Layout

If you are changing everything about your bathroom, chances are it includes the layout. Some homeowners choose to keep the set up the same, but others want a completely new feel. Try to get a professional opinion on this. Sometimes plumbing won’t work correctly if you decide to rearrange the entire layout. Don’t start the remodel before you know whether or not your new layout will work out.

Is There Enough Storage?

A factor to consider when remodeling is whether or not you need more storage space. Before you add extras into your new bathroom, make sure there is room to store your towels, toiletries, and anything else you may need. You don’t want to get to the end of the remodel and realize you forgot to make room for storage. 

Adding in Proper Lighting

No one wants a dark and dingy bathroom. Allow your space to have either an abundance of natural lighting or some recessed lighting to make your space feel more comfortable. Make sure your lighting options fit the feel you are going for in your bathroom. Knowing beforehand how dark the room gets and what lighting is necessary can help with the overall design process. Don’t leave lighting until the last minute. 

Make Sure There is Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most essential parts of redoing a bathroom. Without ventilation, you risk mold and mildew buildup and foggy mirrors constantly. Be sure ventilation is on the list of tasks for your next bathroom remodel. If you already had ventilation, make sure it is still working correctly. Many basement bathrooms don’t have ventilation, so be sure to ask about ways to make sure you can achieve proper ventilation.

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