Adding a bar to your home is a great way to spice it up! You’ll be the house everyone always wants to go to. With COVID-19, it’s harder to get to a bar nowadays, and at restaurants, you have to purchase food to get alcoholic beverages. Bring it to your home! It will make your home the best place to be here. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a bar to your home as your next remodel:

More Fridge Space

When you don’t have a bar fridge, chances are that all your drinks are in your kitchen. Free up that fridge space for food and non-alcoholic beverages. When you have a bar fridge, you’ll know precisely where your drinks are. Opt for a mini-fridge or mid-sized fridge to hold your liquids. Of course, there is some liquor that you may not want in the fridge, but whatever you need chilled will be chilled!

Having An Extra Sink

When you have a wet bar, the wet means having a sink! Some homeowners opt not to add a sink to their bar areas, but you will find it extremely handy if you choose to do so. After a night of entertaining, you won’t have to place all the drink glasses in the kitchen sink with dinnerware. You can take care of cleaning them separately (extra points if you add a mini dishwasher to your bar!). If you want a sink for your bar, try to install your bar near a bathroom or laundry room so you can have accessible plumbing to run water. 

More Kitchen Space

Kitchens can become a really cramped space. If you have all your liquor hanging out around your kitchen, it can feel cluttered and out of place. The same goes for wine glasses and other cups used for alcohol. When you have a designated bar area, you get to move all of these things to their proper spot. You won’t have to take up space in your cabinets with liquor glasses anymore! 

Adding More Value to Your Home

An in-home bar is eyecatching to many homebuyers. If you are looking to sell your house down the road, you might get more money for having this in your home. There is no guarantee with any remodeling that it will increase the value, but the more you do, the more of a chance you have to get your home’s value up!

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