Kitchens are the perfect space in your home to add some unique and handy features to make cooking, entertaining, and relaxing easier and more enjoyable. Every homeowner is different, and adding your own touch to your kitchen will make that space special to you. What are some features you should consider adding to your kitchen?

Adding an Island Cooktop to Your Kitchen

An island cooktop is a great idea for avid cookers who love to have a lot of space while cooking. An island can allow you this separate space to both prepare and cook meals. You can also add a warming drawer below to keep food hot. This can all allow you more counter space for other items as well as another space to prepare food.

Adding a Pot Filler to Your Kitchen

A pot filler is pretty much a faucet just for filling up pots of water! It is typically mounted to your backsplash above your stove for an easy way to fill and boil your water. It comes in handy for pasta lovers!

Adding a Coffee Bar to Your Kitchen

Is coffee a big part of your day? Consider adding a coffee bar space to your kitchen. Add anything you want, such as a Keurig, espresso machine, microwave, and more! You can also add a cute cabinet above for mug storage. It’s a great addition for coffee lovers who don’t want to take up countertop space with all their coffee gadgets.

Adding a Dishwasher in a Drawer to Your Kitchen

Dishwashers in a drawer are used for smaller items and don’t hold as many dishes as a typical one. It’s great to have in addition to a standard dishwasher. You can use it to quickly clean up after a snack or throw in a few things before bed. Consider also getting one if you have a bar in your kitchen. It’s excellent for cleaning glasses and small plates!

Adding Double Ovens to Your Kitchen

Double ovens are something that once you have, you don’t know how you lived without them! They are great for larger families, or if you host holidays at your house regularly. You can cook a lot of food at once, and it’s perfect if you need to cook at different temperatures. They are also a lot easier than ovens underneath a stove because you don’t have to bend down as much to put in and take out food.

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