Summer is the perfect time to hop on some great – and probably needed! – Home improvements! From outdoor to indoor, there are many changes you can make to your home to make it more presentable or feel more summer-like. We’ve created a list of the top 5 improvements you should make to your home this summer!

Storm Doors

Summer is known for its humid weather and scattered thunderstorms, so one of the top things you can do to improve your home is installing a storm door! Protect your main doors from the elements with a new storm door while adding a bit of style to your home. Storm doors are also great for letting the natural summer sunlight into your home!

Remodel or Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom or kitchen is usually “make or break” when it comes to selling your home, and what’s the one room almost everyone enters when they come into your house? The bathroom. If you’re already in the heat of the summer and want to make a change to your home, consider upgrading or even remodeling your bathroom! If you’re tired of the outdated tile or your sink doesn’t quite work the way it once used to, it might be time for a remodel. The warm weather of the summer makes retiling jobs ideal, and rounding it off, change out the faucets and showerheads for a new looking bathroom!

Build a Deck

Summertime is all about enjoying the warm weather and spending time outside, right? So why not build yourself an entirely new space to entertain guests and enjoy for yourself! Outdoor decks add a lot of value to your home but are also ideal for entertaining areas. Basic ground level decks or patios are fairly easily built and raised decks are better left to the professional contractors, but both can be made reasonably quick.

Spruce Up Your Backyard

Already gave a deck or patio? Switch up your patio furniture, add a firepit, get a new barbecue, etc. Nothing defines summer more than barbecues, campfires, and smores. These features will add some style to your home and function even past the summer! The fun can last well into the fall and add a new element to entertaining guests, having family nights, or allow an escape to your backyard getaway! If your patio set is up to date, plant a new garden full of summer vegetables and fruits, or you can plant seeds for the coming fall months.

Install New Windows

Are your windows in need of replacement? Summer is the best time to replace your windows and installing energy-efficient windows will help you conserve energy and keep the heat out of your home. New window installation is easy for an expert contractor and is a short job for a big pay-off. The latest addition to your home will have it feeling fresh and new and comes with the options to add new, colored shutters or planters beneath the window, giving a summer feel!