The kitchen is the heart of the home. According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners spend an average of $21,751 on their kitchen remodeling. One way to give your home a quick uplift is to update the type of flooring. As an expert in this industry, we’d like to give you our favorite types of kitchen flooring. Read more about them below!

1) Tile

Large tiles can add a cozy, warm feel to any kitchen. A great option for homeowners who want the minimalist, matte finish of, slate, marble, and terra cotta. And for those who like a touch of pattern or color, there are plenty of options that look pleasing when placed in a tiled pattern. Tiles are great at withstanding liquid and are perfect for families with pets—there’s no risk of claws and nails damaging the hard surface.

2) Hardwood

If you’re looking for an elegant flooring solution that will never go out of style, traditional hardwood can be the route for you. To withstand the regular wear and tear of your kitchen, a block of harder wood is an ideal choice: oak, maple, and cherry.

One way to bring a contemporary touch to this style is to have staggered length planks in a variety of stain shades. The subtle variation will invigorate your floor without being visually overwhelming. Engineered hardwood flooring is also becoming a popular option: it’s moisture resistant and offers extreme durability.

3) Vinyl

Vinyl is a great option for homes on a budget is a top option for homes that see a lot of foot traffic. It’s also a comfortable option that helps to reduce noise.

4) Cork

For those interested in eco-friendly solutions, cork has been popping up more and more. Not only is this style highly sustainable, but it’s soft and easy to clean. Cork can be a great choice for the kitchen because the tiles have a naturally non-slip surface, eliminating the likelihood of taking a tumble on wet areas near the sink.

5) Concrete

Home designers have been seeing a renewed interest in concrete lately as homeowners look for something that makes a polished impression while promising durability and easy maintenance. Concrete is hard to beat in this respect, and it can be stamped and glossed to look like marble, bricks, and other natural surfaces.

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