Worked with interior designer Wendy Ditcham to bring function, flow, and finesse to a kitchen in Marblehead, MA.

In one of our most recent projects, we worked directly with interior designer Wendy Ditcham to recreate a kitchen in Marblehead to make it fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. The homeowners, Barrett and Eric Lord, recently purchased their new home in Marblehead, just minutes away from the beach, which was a great selling point to the married couple. Although the house had great bones and offered an excellent location, they knew that the kitchen would need some redesigning.

With the very limited space the kitchen offered, they knew they had to do something to create more space and still be able to add sophistication to the design plan. Barrett wanted her kitchen to look coastal, fits where they live, but not kitschy or nautical overload.

First on the priority list is to establish the function and flow between the narrow kitchen and closed-off dining room. Because of a wall, the kitchen space did not allow any opportunity to interact while food is being prepared. Breaking down and removing the wall between the kitchen space and the dining room took care of this issue and resulted in ample space for a more inviting kitchen island where everyone can gather.

kitchen countertops

The open floor plan for the kitchen brought in more opportunities.  It allowed more room for cabinetry, improved appliance placement, and brought welcome privacy. In addition to that, it gave the opportunity to make the windows more uniform and symmetric. The next step was to level the floor, as it was originally set at various heights, by installing white oak planks stained with driftwood-inspired weathered oak.

This project was a fun and collaborative effort that resulted in a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing kitchen design for the Lords. You can read more about this project from here!

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