It’s a popular time to sell houses, but there’s nothing that helps the sale go more smoothly than some minor updates to the smaller details of the home. Summer is prime home buying and selling season, but a big mistake many sellers make is not keeping an eye on these 4 simple ways to increase the value of the home, and therefore, speed up the selling process.

Improve Curb Appeal

Adding some mulch around the curb to plant flowers and other greens can really help invite people into your home. Nothing says a home is taken care of more than well-gardened and landscaped front yards. Think of the curb as the first impression of a home. Make a good one with some better curb appeal.

Renovate the Kitchen

Take some time to think of where most of the evening is spent. That’s right – the kitchen! Preparing, eating, and cleaning primarily takes place in the kitchen, so some updates to the cabinets, paint, and countertops could easily be a major selling point for your home. The finishes of these things make a huge impression, so a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet colors could be the simple solution standing in between you and a sold home.

Flexible Floor Plans

It’s likely that your idea of a perfect home layout is not the same as the buyers’ view. That means making the home look dynamic is crucial to the sale. A simple way to achieve a flexible floor plan is to put hardwood floors in and allow for any room to become whatever the buyer may want it to be. There are no limits to a room that features hardwood floors, and those can be put into the home in a weekend. It’s an easy job, even for a newcomer, and could really help propel the value of your home.

Smart Home Technology

Installing smart home technology can really make a huge difference in the value of your home. Adding things like smart lights that turn on with smartphones and an app can make your home seem like a futuristic, innovative space. Likewise, a Nest thermostat could help sell the home and increase its value because it is so easy to use and program.

Raising the value of your home does not have to cost an arm and a leg. These 4 simple ways to boost home value are the best way to get the greatest bang for your buck.