We consider June 14 as International Bath Day, which is celebrated in honor of Archimedes’ discovery that an object’s volume can be accurately measured by being submerged in water, also known as Archimedes’ Principle. He made this discovery while in his bath and noticing how the water rose as he gets in the bathtub.

If you think that most brilliant ideas come while in the classroom or in a business setting, then you are mistaken. Many of us become the most creative and come up with our most brilliant ideas while taking a shower or bathing. This is why it is incredibly vital that we make our bathrooms a place that promotes solitude and comfortability.

Creating the Perfect Bathroom

  1. Functionality

If you think about it, the bathroom is one of the areas you probably spend a lot of time in. It’s the space that can be considered as a workstation that helps you prepare for the day and a place of recovery from the hectic day behind. When designing your bathroom, think about the functionality of each piece, such as the sink, tub, shower, or toilet, first.

  1. Relaxation

Although functionality should be prioritized first, the best bathrooms aren’t all about that. Bathrooms spaces should be a refuge and a sanctuary – a resting spot where you can just relax and wash all your cares away.

  1. Plan it out

Mapping out space before designing it will help you big time. A lot of factors to be considered such as where to place the entire plumbing system as this will impact where you can place the shower, sink, and toilet. Best way to do this is to walk out the entire space with your most trusted contractor so you can discuss every detail as you see fit.

  1. Add some little luxuries

With a little help from your contractor, after getting your bathroom fully functional, you can incorporate some little luxuries such as a steam room or more storage. After all, why not make use of the entire space?

  1. Hire A Professional

We all have our own version of what a dream bathroom looks like but why not hire some people to make that dream come true? Contractors, such as Precision Remodeling, the aim is to work with you to get you the perfect bathroom space that you’ve always dreamt about.