Tile is always a great option when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. While being durable and protecting your bathroom from dirt and moisture, tiles come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. No matter what your preferences are, there is a certain tile that will fit your wants and needs!


Tile can protect multiple surfaces of your bathroom. From the floor to the walls, tile can go anywhere you want it to go. Using it for inside of the shower is a great option because of its water-resistance. Once you choose where you want it to go, you can then focus on the style and colors you want to use to make your new bathroom unique!


Porcelain is very durable and thick. It’s more on the expensive side, but for the quality, it’s worth it. This is a great material to choose for slip resistance, making it a good choice for shower floors. Using porcelain for certain areas of your bathroom rather than the entire thing will save you some money. Porcelain can match many other materials of tile so it’s easy to mix and match.


Ceramic is a common option, as well as being the cheaper option for tiles. Basic ceramic tile comes glossy and white, which is a good option for a clean and sleek look. If you want it glazed in other colors, those are also available.


Glass tile is a gorgeous option to add to a bathroom. It’s lightweight and modern, but a tad bit pricier than using ceramic. This is a good in-between for ceramic and porcelain. Glass is a great option to use on shower walls, shower ceiling, or the vanity backsplash. This option looks great in green and blue for a by-the-sea type of look.

Natural Stone

Stone tile is beautiful and organic option to add to your bathroom. This is a good material to use if you aren’t into the glassy look of other tile materials. Stone tile can be made from limestone, slate, marble, or granite. Out of all the options for bathroom tiles, natural stone is the most slip resistant for the shower and floor, and doesn’t show scuff marks and other markings.¬†

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