Spring is here! Many people are getting the cabin fever being inside and want to get their outdoor space ready for lounging in the sun. 

As you take look at your deck after a New England winter, it might be in rougher shape than you first left it. This is prime time to get outside and make it look its best. Don’t wait until the last minute – you want to go out there and enjoy your deck!

Clean Your Deck

Start by thoroughly cleaning off the deck. Give yourself space to get a good look at what the winter may have done to the condition of the wood, railings, and connections. Try also to rinse off any dirt and grime that has collected over the months to give you a clean slate to work with. 

Stain Your Deck

Stain your deck once it is dry! The right stain will make your deck look great as well as protect the wood from UV rays that could cause more wear and tear long before the decking material should need to be replaced. Wood can break down from excessive sun and moisture, so you want to take care of it correctly. Choose a transparent stain if you want to show the wood off. Opt to go with an opaque or solid stain to cover decks that are a bit older. These darker stains will also provide more long-term UV protection for the wood to keep older decks lasting longer.

Choose what you want to add

Now is the time to think about how you felt about your deck last spring and summer. Are there things missing that you wish you had? Maybe you want to add a heat lamp or some new lighting. More reliable deck lighting can help you enjoy and entertain on your deck all night long. Did you wish you had some shade from the sun? Consider an awning or an umbrella over a table. Some homeowners even opt for a gas fire pit to prolong the time they can spend outdoors. 

Clean again and reorganize

One of the final steps in getting your deck ready is cleaning the furniture and putting everything back. If you had your deck furniture set away in a shed or garage, dust it off and clean the upholstery if necessary. Choose some potted plants and flowers to give the space a fresh feel! 

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