Home additions are a perfect way to transform your current home and give you and your family the necessary space and amenities they have always wanted. While many families across the country look into plans for remodeling, others are taking complete advantage of the various benefits a home addition can give you, such as more space, potential rental income, or more natural light. 

Give you more space

One of the first things most homeowners bring up when they are updating and remodeling their homes is wanting more space. People want space to store decor, bikes, workout equipment, and a lot more. A home addition can significantly add to your usable square footage, whether it be in the form of a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Even a smaller addition can yield significant results. Adding just a few feet to a little kitchen or bathroom can open up space more than you’d think. Whether you want to add a dining room, living room, or even a bow window, an addition to your home will give you the extra space you know you want and need. 

Housing Extra Family Members

If you have space, home additions can include an entire bedroom with a closet and all. If the plumbing allows for it, you can even opt into adding a small bathroom onto it or and extra guest bathroom. The spare bedroom and bathroom would be perfect for out of town family and other guests as well.

Adding Value to Your House

Homeowners tend to assume that adding more space to a house always increases the value of your home. That is not always true. While a home addition could add some value to your home in the long run, it is not always the case. If you are building a home addition to increase your home’s value, it is recommended that you do your research or contact a real estate professional beforehand.

Cheaper Option than Moving

No matter what version of a home addition you decide to do, it will almost always be cheaper than moving to another home. Furthermore, moving comes with the considerable hassle of packing, hiring movers, and reorganizing. Additionally, with home additions, concrete and framing can get underway for at least two weeks before the construction moves into your existing home. When it comes to aggravations, home additions beat out, moving every time.

Add Luxury

The first room all homeowners seem to want to remodel is their bathroom. If your area allows it, home additions can add luxury to your master bathroom. If you’re going to add a bathtub, closet, or double vanity sinks, home additions can definitely make room for those items you always wanted.

Add More Sunlight

When homeowners think about home additions, frequently, they think of putting in a sunroom. They cost less than full-scale additions and give you just as much square footage. Sunrooms are good for adding some natural sunlight to the rooms surrounding it. Better yet, homeowners can usually take on this project without needing the help of a professional contractor. 

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