Switching-up the colors in your bathroom and giving it a fresh coat of paint can bring a brand new look and feel to space. With a small amount of space to work with, bathrooms can be a hard place to design and customize in a stylish way. Choosing a color for the walls could make or break the entire vibe of the space.

Use a Color Wheel

To unknown knowledge, most bathroom color schemes are chosen based upon the color wheel. Using complementary colors can make a smaller space feel more put together and less overwhelming to be in. If you’re unsure when searching for a color scheme, it’s a smart idea to look at a color wheel. Purples and yellows tend to go well together because they are complementary, which means they are opposite from each other on the wheel. Try not to use greens and blues together, because they are right next to each other on the wheel. You want colors that work well together and compliment each other as well.

Choosing Three Colors to Work With

Choosing to use the rule of three to pick a bathroom color scheme is a great idea. When doing this, you should be choosing a neutral, a vibrant color, and one as an accent. To be successful with doing this, use the 70/20/10 distribution method. The lightest shade chosen should be used for 70% of the bathroom, the second brightest for 20%, and the boldest color for 10%. Neutral colors can be combined in many different ways for this sort of space. When using the 70/20/10 rule, your bathroom will look like the paint color was chosen by a professional.

Mixing Two Neutrals

Using a majority of neutral colors in your bathroom can make your space a calm and relaxed area in your home. The rules of proportion do still apply for using neutrals, but when using two colors, the rule goes 70/30. Choosing the colors grey and white, for example, makes a great color scheme that is understated but modern and chic. These colors can add a classy touch to any space.

Contrasting Two Bright Colors

If you are looking for an energetic and unique bathroom, you can always consider using an array of bright colors. This can be a great option for kids’ bathrooms and or even a powder room. Adding fun hues can look tasteful when the vanity and trim are white or neutral-toned. This helps create a balance within your bathroom while still adding some personality and flair. If you want to add a smaller pop of color to a neutral bathroom, adding a bright colored shower curtain, window curtains, or towels can make it a whole new space.

Use Dark Colors

In a smaller space, you wouldn’t think about using darker tones because they tend to make a room look even smaller. Colors such as dark grays and browns can add a dramatic contrast. Balancing them out with white trims and fixtures can make a contemporary and stylish space. As long as you don’t use darker colors overwhelmingly, your bathroom or powder room should turn out great.

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