Did you know that kitchen remodels are the second most common remodeling projects homeowners undertake? (The first is bathrooms). There’s a reason that the kitchen has shot to the forefront of important home design elements. To begin with, there’s been a reversal in food prep as of late—millennials are more interested in engaging with cooking and baking, rather than speeding up the process with a microwave.

Homeowners are also increasingly recognizing the kitchen as the hub of the home. Invite people over for a tour of the house and they’ll see every room—but chances are everyone has drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the kitchen.

We’ve collected a list of 5 top kitchen trends of 2018: get inspired!

1) Quartz Countertops

Believe it or not, the craze over granite countertops has finally died down—and that’s because homeowners are more intrigued by quartz. Although the rocks have a similar composition, quartz bring a bolder texture to the mix. Quartz is often mistaken for marble but has the advantage of being more affordable and less difficult to maintain.

2) Built-in Sinks

Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism can often be a driving force of current kitchen designs. We love the way built-in sinks—where the sink is created from the same material and slab as the countertop—create an elegant and seamless visual pathway. While marble is definitely the more expensive option, some homeowners have been experimenting in concrete as of late—it’s a more affordable material with a lot of flexibility for customization

3) Two-Tone Cabinets

Moving away from the completely monochrome looks that dominated the 00s, many homeowners today are experimenting with dual-tone cabinets. These aren’t eye-bleeding combinations of bright hues, though—think soft gray and neutral beige tones for drawers set in an off-white cabinetry. For homeowners who have opted to tile part of their kitchen, the combination of geometric shapes can be stunning.

4) Alcove Seating

You might call this trend something of a comeback, but banquette seating is making a comeback. Far from making you feel like you’re in a diner, inset seating framed by glass paneling creates a cozy, personalized feel and allows you to sit in the sun while you drink your morning coffee. Make it feel modern with rustic wooden seats.

5) It’s All About the Matte

How many trends make the jump from makeup to countertop? Not many, but matte finishing seem to have a universal appeal. Rather than lips, though, matte finishing are being used for faucets, refrigerators, kitchen islands and more. It can make for a chic and contemporary contrast when paired with glossy tiled backsplashes and shiny granite countertops. It’s also practical: matte finishing sometimes hide stains a bit better than their high-shine counterparts.

Do any of these new kitchen design trends appeal to you, or are you looking for a more classic approach? To find out more about the latest in kitchen design, contact the experts at Precision Remodeling & Construction. They can help you figure out the countertops and cabinets that make sense for your home and your family’s routines.