Home remodeling is exciting! Deciding on materials and features allows you to build the home of your dreams to your exact specifications.

Unfortunately, if you’ve never been through the process before, there are going to be some speed bumps you don’t see coming.

1. Look at the Big Picture

Make sure to fully consider the big picture before moving forward with any remodeling projects.

Does the new space fit in with the style of the rest of your home? Will future buyers find it as valuable as you? Will this work increase the value of your home?

2. Does the Architectural Design Have A Purpose?

Often, when undertaking an architectural design and remodeling project, the rest of the home is not considered. While the experience in a specific room may be great, if it doesn’t have a purpose within the larger design of your home, it will never fully feel at peace.

Put simply, the design of your remodel needs a purpose. Make sure any remodel design has a layout that will not only serve the room itself, but your entire home.

3. Thinking Problems Will Solve Themselves

One of the costliest mistakes you can make when remodeling your home is ignoring an issue you may find inconvenient. Ignoring reality won’t make a problem go away; it will simply make the issue more expensive and problematic down the road.

The reality with home remodels is there are going to be some things you must do that you don’t necessarily “want” to do. If a contractor is telling you there is an issue with plumbing that needs to be fixed, or that your roof is leaking and needs work, it is better to address it in the moment. Don’t let these issues fester for years, eventually ruining the new room you just built.

4. Looking for The Lowest Bid

A low bid doesn’t always mean a low price, or more importantly good work.

When considering contractors, you want a design-build contractor who’ll be honest up front. Having a quote that’s as accurate as possible will go a long way towards preparing and budgeting. Just because a contractor offers you a lower bid does not mean you will pay less in the end.

5. Not Factoring in Natural Light

Natural light is one of the best ways to bring warmth and good energy to your home. Having a constant natural light source has been shown to make people more productive, happier, and healthier. It also makes rooms come alive, with natural shadowing and sunlight illuminating other features in your home.

Some top ways to introduce natural light into your home include:

  • Adding windows. You can simply change the size and shape of your windows, or even add an entire wall of windows to your remodeled space
  • Skylights: Adding a skylight to your home is a great option if wall space is unavailable or you want a natural overhead light
  • Glass or French doors: Utilizing a glass door is a great and inviting option to allow light to travel into a space
  • Mirrors: While mirrors don’t allow light in themselves, they’ll reflect the existing natural light into your space and present the illusion of space

6. Focusing on Trends Over Timeless Style

The development and emergence of new style trends in home remodeling is exciting, as is seeing old trends that were once popular decades ago reemerge.

That said, the trendiest option for your New England home remodel is not always best for your space. While it’s easy to look at a magazine and see something you love, it may not be the right choice for you.

Timeless and functional design will always be in style. With any trend, consider:

  • Will I use these features?
  • Does this fit into my lifestyle?
  • Will this still be something I want in 5 years? How about 10 or 20?

To prevent these mistakes, you should always work with an experienced remodeling company to complete your home remodeling project.