Every morning the alarm clock goes off, and the mad rush begins.  Everyone is hurrying to get out the door on time without forgetting their keys or lunch, all while trying to look decent before walking out the door.  Sound familiar? The bathroom is often an oasis inside the home, and can set the tone for a positive or stressful day. It is a place to make yourself look and feel your best before the rush of the coming morning, pamper yourself in privacy, and de-stress after your daily activities.  If this isn’t how you feel about your current bathroom setup, a custom vanity may be just the thing to help create a clutter-free, tranquil start to your day. Here are three reasons to consider adding a custom vanity to your bathroom:


Create Your Own Personal Spa

The trend in spa-like, luxurious bathrooms is still going strong into 2019, and adding a custom vanity to your bathroom is an easy way to treat yourself.  A custom build allows you to choose your color, material, size, hardware, and amenities you need so the spa retreat you’ve been dreaming of can become a reality.


Add Value to Your Home

A custom bathroom vanity also adds value by incorporating more attractive elements and storage to your bathroom.  Instead of picking something off the shelf that may not fit with your style, decor, and needs, your custom vanity will fit your exact specifications.  Offering this little luxury is a huge perk for you, but also for any potential homebuyers if you ever need to sell.


Smarter Storage Solutions

Vanities can also help you make the best use of your space.  Built-in drawer organizers, electrical outlets inside drawers, and perfectly sized cabinets to meet the dimensions of your space all contribute to a beautiful, organized bathroom that’s free of clutter.  Instead of being overwhelmed, this frees you up to relax and start (or end!) your day right.


A custom bathroom vanity is a small first step to making your bathroom a comfortable oasis in your home.  Whether you need storage solutions or are constructing your own personal spa, we’re here to help make your dreams a reality.  To receive a free consultation call us at 781-631-7555, or contact us online.