Bathrooms are a popular space in homes to redecorate and refresh constantly. Adding new elements is an easy way to update and upgrade a room. When you have a powder room or guest bath that you are stuck on when it comes to a theme, maybe a beachy look will fit perfectly. When it comes to adding small touches, you don’t have to redo a whole space. Add what you want, and you can incorporate more later if you want to. This trend is perfect for summertime, or if you have a beach house of your own!

Choosing Certain Colors

The color scheme of a beachy bathroom is one of the most prominent parts. Blue hues with a touch of green or yellow are amongst the most popular options around for creating that feel. Muted greens and grey or yellow bring in the beach elements as well if you do not want to go the traditional route. Choose whatever feels best, as well as whatever makes the beach come to mind!

Tiled Shower or Flooring

A colorful beachy tile backsplash can draw together a theme of a bathroom. Using glass tiles can create that “beach glass” look while still being versatile. Choose from greens and blues that are light and airy. Having a tiled shower with these colors will have you feeling like you’re right at the beach!

Wood Elements

Wood elements can tie together the look of a beach cottage bathroom. Adding a wooden basket for towels or a wooden vanity can be just the right amount to give it the beachy, nautical feel. Even wooden picture frames on the walls or wainscotting can do the trick.


Crisp whites in your bathroom are not only just for a beachy feel. This can just add to the feeling of cleanliness as a whole. Opt for white towels, rugs, or shower curtain if there is already a lot of blue hues. For the most part, your toilet is probably white, so don’t overdo it if you don’t want to. If you’d rather go for a full-white bathroom with blue accents and accessories, this is also a way to make a beachy atmosphere. Pick and choose what you want and what you think is best for the space at hand. Smaller bathrooms may be the better option to include more white since it makes the space look larger than it is.

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