Along with preparing other outside areas of your home, you should be doing the same with your deck. Cold weather deck preparation is extremely important to keep it looking its best – especially when it is made of natural wood materials. Your deck will have a longer lifespan and save you money if you get it ready to face the cold winter weather.

Preparing and Protecting

Over a span of time, dirt and leaves can wear down the quality of your deck. They will get between the boards and give snow and ice a place to sit and add moisture. This can cause your deck to rot and create lots of damage to the wood. Make sure you check your deck to make sure its cleaned off so it can be ready for the snow and ice.

Getting Rid of Mildew

Mildew can lead to severe deck damage if left on during a long winter. Buy a mildew removal product to get rid of it easily, or make your own from household cleaners. Apply the products to the deck and to get it clean.

Inspect Your Deck

Before winter comes, inspect your deck for weak planks and steps. Moisture may have been hiding and created these spots. Also, check the railings or added pieces and tighten up any thing that could ruin your deck over the upcoming months.

Seal & Finish

Sealing and finishing your deck is one of the main ways to make it have a longer lifespan. Leaving natural wood to be exposed to the elements can make it rot and ruined. An unsealed deck can become warped, cracked, and make it splintered. Don’t let your deck get to this point.

Don’t Salt Your Deck

When the snow starts falling, don’t salt it. Salting it may seem like a good idea in the moment, but you will regret it in the end. Salt can ruin deck finishes and can make your wood discolored. Instead, avoid using your deck if you can when it’s icy and covered in snow.

Protecting Your Deck

After you are done preparing your deck, cover it with a tarp and try to remove your deck furniture. If you can’t remove your furniture, make sure you cover it as well. If you have a grill that you will still be using during during the winter, make sure it is covered when it isn’t in use.

Make sure your deck stays in good shape throughout the cold and winter months. Take these steps to save you time and money in the long run.

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