Did you know that October is national kitchen and bath month? Since 1982 when
the national kitchen and bath association named October national kitchen and bath
month, contractors have celebrated by helping people transform their kitchens and
baths. Even though October is over, it’s not too late to join in on the celebration!

Reasons to Remodel

Your current kitchen and bathroom may not seem that bad, but let’s step back and
really think about how a remodel could help. Remodeling your kitchen or bath will
help to provide more usable space and considering lack of space is the number one
complaint from home owners, that’s a great reason! Remodeling can also help to
modernize an outdated kitchen or bath and bring your own personal style into the

Can You Afford a Remodel?

Even if you have a limited budget, yes, you can afford a remodel! Not every
remodel has to be expensive. In fact, small, inexpensive changes sometimes make
the biggest difference. The only way to know for sure if you can afford a remodel
for your kitchen or bath is to speak with a contractor and have a consultation. Even
if you’re only able to do the kitchen or the bath this year, you can do the other next

Why Now is the Best Time to Remodel

You’re probably wondering why October was named national kitchen and bath
month, but the answer actually makes a lot of sense. October falls at a time when
the hot summer weather has passed but the holidays aren’t quite here yet. It’s ideal
to get your kitchen or bath remodel done prior to the holidays so your home looks
the best it possibly can for all of your friends and family coming to visit. Plus, a
little extra space around the holidays is never a bad thing! This is the busiest
season for home remodeling so contractors are working to get jobs done quickly
and more affordably than ever. Just imagine hosting thanksgiving in your newly
remodeled kitchen!

Don’t wait another year to remodel your kitchen and bath. Give a contractor a call
today to set up your free consultation and learn more about how they can improve
your home. The kitchen and bathroom are spaces that you use every single day,
don’t you want them to be the best they can be? Rather you’re looking to totally
transform a space or just make it easier to use, remodeling can help!

Contact Precision Remodeling & Construction so you can get started on your kitchen or bath remodel!