More often than not, several homeowners are always skeptical about the decision they are supposed to make during home renovations.

For some, they might love to stay around in their apartment, hoping to monitor every detail and renovation process as long as they plan not to get in the way of the workers, while some would also love to stay away from this procedure as they believe it is the best option.

But here comes the billion-dollar question, is moving out the preferred option or staying around during renovations? 

In this article, we will be sharing the right choice for homeowners just about to embark on household renovations alongside professional tips that would help these stages.

Why You Should Move Out During Renovations


If you are planning to make some adjustments to your apartment no matter how small, the best professional advice any contractor would give is to ensure occupants residing in the building should move pending the time the entire work is completed.

Construction Debris Poses a Health Risk

Construction work or minute renovations in any home tend to be always messy as there would be lots of dust and debris being pushed out daily. It is unhealthy to stay in such a location, even if these processes take only a few days.

Items & Valuables Remain Safe with a Trusted Contractor

Most times, homeowners might be scared of leaving their valuables to strangers who would continuously turn their homes upside down to make sure the work is done perfectly.

Staying in Your Home During Renovation Can Cause Delays

These professionals are licensed to work majorly on renovations, just like your home, so getting in the way or your presence during these stages might further slow the completion.

This is why it is always advised to move out during these times. However, if you are so keen on always checking your home or the progress of the work, you have every right to do that, and you are always welcome to visit your apartment.

Factors to Consider When Moving Out During Home Remodel

If you’re already thinking of moving out or you are still planning to, here are things you need to consider:

Account for Temporary Moving Costs

Moving out during your home renovations might cost you extra money, depending on how long you plan to be gone and the project’s timeline. It is always best to have a detailed schedule of each process from the contractor so you can make account of future expenses.

Consider Reaching Out to Family/Friends for Temporary Housing

If only a few adjustments and reconstructions would be made, you can always stay with a relative or family friend for a short while. This way, you can cut the cost of staying in a rented space.

Use the Renovation Time to Take a Vacation

If the proposed project takes a little while, you can go on a budget-friendly vacation with your family to places you’ve always wanted to visit. By traveling, you are not only cutting costs on a rented space, you are also taking the advantage of touring different locations.

Store/Move Away Your Valuables During the Project

Keeping away valuables that could get misplaced or thrown out during these renovations is always advisable. Valuables, in this sense, are not only your cars, watches, books, or clothes you can stack up in a box. It can be just as little as a family portrait or personal award. Doing this ensures those memories don’t fade away with your building debris.

While moving stuff away, it is also a perfect time to declutter and making sure you get rid of nonvaluable materials. You can also donate them to neighbors or friends interested in having them.

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