Creating a clean and functional bathroom is essential to the overall sustainability of your home. When performing a renovation, it is important to consider any standout flaws and challenges within the design of your bathroom that need to be addressed. Performing a complete bathroom remodel requires a certain level of time, money, and energy to be properly installed and constructed. To cut costs, it can be a smart idea to take on one part of the room at the time, starting with the shower. By making small upgrades to your current shower, you can drastically change the overall appearance of the room without having to dig deeply into your pockets. Simple design features, such as tiling backsplash and improved hardware may seem like minor changes, but they create a lasting impact. Read on to learn more about the different upgrades you can make to your shower to improve the overall functionality of your bathroom.

Install a Backsplash Using Classic Subway Tile

When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, subway tile is a common favorite among backsplash designs. Other than providing a timeless, classic look, these decorative tiles are simple to maintain over time and are very easy to clean using an all-purpose cleaner and a soft rag. If your bathroom is lacking in natural light, installing subway tile to your shower wall is a great way to brighten up the room.

Upgrade to a Modern Shower Head

Replacing older, traditional shower heads with more modern designs can add an element of luxury to your bathroom. Currently, on the market, there is an extensive variety of shower heads with ranging sizes, shapes, colors, water pressure, and available functions. One of the more popular options are Waterfall Shower Heads, which are named for their similar effect of cascading water delicately onto your body.

Build a Small Window

Taking advantage of natural sunlight can be a simple step to dramatically improve the appearance of any given room. If possible, by adding a small window into your shower, you can improve the available lighting of your bathroom and make it seem more spacious. By being able to connect with the outdoors during your shower, you can also further enhance the feelings of tranquility and relaxation of your bathroom.

Incorporate Storage Into the Design

Many homeowners are familiar with the challenge of finding optimal storage solutions for their shower. Although there are many shelving units available for purchase, these can be unreliable and have a tendency to fall to the floor with all of your personal belongings. By incorporating functional storage into the design of your new shower, you can prevent any obstruction or build up of clutter.

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During a home renovation, little changes and upgrades can have a drastic effect on how the room looks. If you are considering redoing your bathroom, but are not prepared for a full remodel, a great option is to start by working on the shower. By swapping out older features for more modern styles, you can transform your bathroom into a peaceful haven. If you are looking for professional assistance with your bathroom or kitchen remodel, contact the experts at Precision Remodeling & Construction. For over 10 years, we have been offering expert design remodeling services for homes and businesses in Salem, MA. To receive more information, visit our website or contact us today at (781) 631-7555.